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We recently got this wonderful letter from one of our customers and fellow Newburyporter, Scott Signore. It was too good not to share with you. He contacted us to supplement a last-minute dinner gathering and we were happy to provide a few tasty options. Well, we’ll let him tell you how it went….

Hi Paula,

Thanks again for helping with our dinner on Saturday! Jenna and I thought everything was wonderful! (I wish I could highlight one or two parts of it that were better than the rest, but really everything was outstanding!)

Also, you asked that I get back to you after I tried your [buffalo chicken] soup and I’m doing that now. I thought it was fantastic with just the right amount of barbeque flavor! I would definitely roll forward with that one. You may recall, too, that I scooped up a container of the Mexican corn chowder and that was also fantastic! (I know you’ve served that previously and I presume it’s popular, but I thought to share my opinion because it is so good!)

Clearly, I’m a happy customer and one who needs to go the gym after eating all weekend!

Have a great week and thanks again.

Best, Scott