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Gov's Goes GreenHere’s a thoughtful and wonderful community outreach project by Governor’s Academy Freshman Emmy Cole. She came up with the idea of a clothing sale that would be open to the whole community to come and shop for clothes that have been outgrown by students, faculty and their families.

Held on May 11 at The Governor’s Academy between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m, this event lines up perfectly with when people are throwing away clothes that are too small, deemed out of style or just not “floating their boat” anymore.

Leading up to the sale, student volunteers have been sorting the incoming donations. Now, here is the twist: instead of paying with money, shoppers pay with non-perishable canned food, with an item for an item pricing. The cans collected will then be donated to The Salvation Army food bank in Newburyport. Clothes leftover from the event will be donated to The Salvation Army as well.

Food, clothing, spring cleaning and giving back – Kudos to Emmy for her initiative!!

The donations come in

Sorting begins

And continues

And EVEN more sorting of clothes for the Sale!