Hours: Monday - Friday 10 am to 5 pm; Catering available Sunday - Saturday

Office Catering

Gourmet lunch in the office!

To place your order call Carry Out Cafe 978-499-2240

Delivery available


Breakfast Platter
Delicious selection of homemade tea breads, garnished with berries & grapes

Seasonal Fruit Platter
Market fresh melons, pineapple, oranges, berries & grapes


Tortilla Wraps or Roll
Thanksgiving in a Bite, Turkey Club, Grilled Chicken Caesar, Garden Veggie, Roast Beef & Boursin, Tuna salad, Mediterranean Turkey, Southwest Chicken, Caprese, Ham & Havarti, Italian

Fresh Salads
Caesar, Garden, or Greek

Pasta Salad
Greek, Caprese, or Vegetable

Cookie Platter
A variety of cafe cookies with seasonal fruit garnish

Individual Lunches

Bistro Bags
A sandwich accompanied with a bag of chips, fresh fruit, cookie and a beverage
or an entree salad with baguette, fresh fruit, cookie and a beverage

Beverages and Sides

Coffee and Hot Tea
Regular or decaf and a selection of teas

Bottled Beverages
Water, juice, iced tea, or an assortment of sodas

Wachusett potato chips or an assortment of flavored kettle cooked potato chips

Paper products available upon request