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Dylan Metrano’s Monhegan Island Papercuttings



Artist Dylan Metrano, a longtime resident of Newburyport, shows his passion for his new home on Monhegan Island, Maine, in the latest exhibition now on display through March at Carry Out Cafe. The exhibition features artwork made of cut and carefully layered paper that highlights the simplicity of form, the boldness and relationships of colors, and the cleanness of composition. The public is invited to a special reception on Saturday, March 17th from 2-4 p.m. at the cafe, located at 155 State Street in Newburyport, to meet the artist and view the papercuttings.

Metrano cuts and layers portraits, animals, and architecture from colorful paper. “We are glad to showcase Dylan’s art again,” said Paula Simpson, owner of Carry Out Cafe and Catering. “He was one of the first artists we exhibited when we started our gallery wall years ago and remains one of our favorites. It’s hard to imagine the detailed process behind his artwork, which looks deceptively simple and beautiful,” she added.

Metrano currently lives on Monhegan, which is located about 10 miles off the coast of Maine. While many people visit the rocky island in the summer, there are only about 65 residents year-round. It has been a haven for artists who appreciate its isolation, wild beauty, and its unhurried pace. Metrano is inspired by a landscape trapped in time and he carefully renders its centuries‐old buildings and migratory birds in his meticulously cut paper.

The artist grew up in Newburyport, MA, where he was an active member of the theater and music communities. Metrano co-founded the annual Free Art Show, which gives away hundreds of art pieces in boxes located throughout Newburyport and beyond each December. He also plays in the bands Tiger Saw and Cape Snow.

In February 2016, Scholastic published “Every Day Birds“, a children’s book which Metrano illustrated with his papercuttings. His artwork also graces the cover of the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway Guide by Joel Brown.

Metrano’s work has been shown at the Newburyport Art Association, the Rockport Art Association, The Lupine Gallery (Monhegan, ME), Archipelago (Rockland, ME), Nahcotta (Portsmouth, NH), and many other galleries. For more information, please visit www.dylanmetrano.com.

All of the artwork at Carry Out Cafe is available for purchase. Contact Julie Cook at 978-317-2030 for pricing and information.