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Turning the south corner of Kabul’s major mosque, the sun plays hide and seek as you enter one of the many entrances of the market.

A man selling bird cages, kids with wheel barrows ready to deliver groceries, a vendor cooking pea dokhan to serve as snacks… These are some of the compelling images now on display in the latest exhibition at Carry Out Cafe. Lori Madden-Lampe a photographer, artist, and teacher, has traveled the globe, working in such places Armenia, South Africa, London, Venice, Athens, Greece and Buenos Aires. In the summer of 2010, she went to Afghanistan for 7 weeks, where she used her large format camera to photograph the markets of Kabul.

With a skilled eye and painterly composition, Lori gives us a peek into the daily routine as citizens work to feed their families, put children through school, and create a better life. Seeing how they live reminds us that there is a great big world out there and that what they experience every day is very different from our routine of commuting, soccer practice, and convenience meals.

What is universal, however, — be it Afghan city, African village or our little community — is that everyone works, lives, eats, creates, and loves.

We encourage you to stop by to see this latest exhibition about fortitude and perseverance. For more on the artist, visit http://lamaddenlampe.com.